Make Your Holidays Merry with Help From a Personal Concierge

Make Your Holidays Merry with Help From a Personal Concierge

It may feel like fall just started, but the holiday season has arrived! If thinking about the holidays makes you feel anxious or overwhelmed, that’s a good sign that you should hire some help this year.

At North County Concierge we want you to experience more joy and less stress during the holidays so we’ve put together a list of the tasks we can happily take off your plate throughout the season.


Before the Holidays

Travel Arrangements – We can help you book flights, transportation, and accommodations for all of your holiday travel. If you have guests coming, we can arrange hotel stays and order tickets for special events.

Holiday Cards – It’s wonderful to send holiday greetings but it can be time-consuming to order and address all those cards. Whether it’s for family and friends or for clients, we can take the hassle out of this project.

Gift Shopping – While some people enjoy picking out just the right gift, others find it exhausting. If you fall into the latter category, we’re here to help! We can handle your personal gift list or purchase gifts for clients and employees.

Decorating – From packing up fall decor to pulling out all the holiday bins to actually decorating, it can be a big job. We can help with the storage and organization, as well as with the decorating itself.


During the Holidays

Wrapping Gifts – We all know what a huge job this can be and it’s an easy task to hand off. Every year our clients are delighted to come home to a stack of beautifully wrapped presents, ready and waiting to go under the tree.

Party Planning – Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering at home or in the office, we can help you coordinate all the details. You should be able to enjoy holiday parties without feeling overwhelmed by all the preparations.

Grocery Shopping/General Errands – Your regular to-do list doesn’t disappear just because it’s the holiday season so we’re here to help with all the normal day-to-day stuff too. We can handle the grocery shopping and errands, so you have more time to enjoy fun holiday activities!

Shipping Packages – Buying gifts is only half the job when it comes to family and friends who live far away. If you don’t have time to stand in line at the post office, we’re here to help.

House Checks – Your mind will be at ease during your holiday travels with us here to keep tabs on your home and small pets. We can check on your home, make sure mail and packages are taken care of, plants are watered, and even restock the refrigerator for your return, while you enjoy time with loved ones.


After the Holidays

Packing/Organizing Holiday Decor – Not only can we help with packing away your treasured holiday decorations, we can set you up for success next year by organizing everything in a system that makes it easy to find just what you need.

New Year’s Organization Projects – There’s nothing like a house full of guests during the holidays to turn everything upside down. We can help you get spaces like the pantry, closets, or guest rooms back in order, so you feel refreshed and ready for a new year.

If you’re ready to say yes to more joy, more time, and more freedom to do what you love this holiday season then contact us at North County Concierge today to find out how we can help!