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I highly recommend North County Concierge services. It's a professional concierge service that provides outstanding skills and organizational services to all aspects of business and personal life.

Louise Spilkin - Paul Davies Resoration

Vicki is absolutely amazing. There is nothing she cannot do! She organized 3 of my closets, rearranged my spice drawer, listed, and sold items that were no longer needed. The list goes on and on. If you are overwhelmed, and need some help this holiday season, Vicki is your girl. Highly recommend!!!

Vanessa Joyce

I am so happy that I found Vicki! She's such a Godsend. She helped me get my entire condo (closets, garage, etc) organized and systematic. She is extremely dependable and very good at what she does... and she's fast! What would typically be a full day project for me, she is able to do it in less than an hour. I was blown away with how efficient she is. I finally feel like I enjoy my condo - thank you Vicki!!!

Mitra Singh

Vicki is a LIFESAVER! Imagine walking out the door to catch your flight for a much-needed vacation and CRASH! There goes all the shelving in the master closet. What to do!?!? We turned to Vicki Rawson of North County Concierge and were thankful for her quick response and can-do attitude. She had items boxed appropriately and placed in a manner such that the area was still usable. Returning home to a mitigated catastrophe made for a peaceful end to our vacation knowing we were in great hands. We'll be sure to turn to Vicki for more concierge needs...hopefully not disaster oriented 😉

Geoff & Tracy Martin

Vicki at North County Concierge has proven to be a valued asset to my law office. She assists with running errands, picking up mail from an offsite location, bank deposits, spreadsheet updates and keeping me more organized. Thanks to Vicki I have more time available to devote to my family.

Michael Saunders - Attorney

Vicki is a creative mastermind when it comes to being my virtual assistant! She is helpful, organized and on top of the things that she knows I need to successfully run my business from home! Without hesitation she pulls monthly reports, sets me up with online mailings, and gets down on the nitty gritty monthly tasks of running my business that I don’t love. She does it all without pause and with confidence. The craziest thing is Vicki and I have never met in person, yet I feel like I know her. Thousands of miles separate us, and we will probably never meet but she has filled a huge void in my business and I’m forever grateful for her!!!

Jackie Long - Global Entrepreneur

Vicki has assisted me with my home and business on a few occasions and I could not have been happier with the results. Her suggestions have been valuable and were easily implemented. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone!

Jody White - All That Apparel

Vicki has been assisting with our home projects since 2021. I can truly say that she has changed my life. Working with Vicki was one of the best investments I’ve made in my adult life because what I actually bought was more (free) time. I realized that the clutter (disorganized stuff) in various aspects of my home and work areas was wasting a chunk of my finite time every single day, not to mention my finite mental bandwidth. Besides letting go of stuff we really did not need, Vicki helped me organize our home, room by room, so that all items have a designated place, practical and tidy. The clutter was always creating mental gymnastics of various sorts (looking for stuff, trying to decide what to do with stuff, do I have time to clean up this pile of stuff, so another pile can inevitably grow in its place). Hiring a pro has allowed me to focus on things on my list that matter and enjoy my nice home more. Vicki’s also delightful to work with - kind, smart and efficient. Thank you, Vicki!

Natasha Kovner

Vicki has been a lifesaver for me as I run my business from home around my busy teenage daughters! First of all, she is fun and happy so it's always nice to connect with her, but more importantly, she will tackle any task I throw her way! She takes a lot of the monthly tasks that don't bring me joy and executes them consistently. I can trust her with my business, running reports, managing some social media, creating images and email communication. She has planned and organized a retreat for 30 women in Palm Springs down to the last little detail, lodging, food, including home-made breakfasts, catered lunches, secured a photographer, makeup artists, and showed up to help the whole event go smoothly. I'm so thankful for her support.

Tracy Willard - CEO Grow Network

I have been using Vicki in my office for some time now. She has always been someone I can count on to do different tasks at the office that I just don’t have time for. What has been greatly beneficial to me is that I only had to spend a little time telling her what I needed, and she took it from there with no required supervision. I trust her so much that she has a key to my office and normally comes when I am out in the field. Vicki would be an asset to any company that can use that extra set of hands and can use her intelligence to work any office project that is needed. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her in my business for the foreseeable future.

Jamie Elwell - Owner, Advanced Detection

Vicki is a godsend! She has helped my clients pack up their moving boxes and unpack into their new homes. She's taken their donations and resale items-often making them money! She's pleasant to have around, efficient, and finds solutions when issues arrive. She's a great extra pair of hands!

Diane Silberman - Realtor, Coldwell Banker

If I could give Vicky 10 stars I would!! She is amazing. She has basically helped me organize my house room by room, closet by closet and has done a FABULOUS job. She is quick, efficient and sooo organized and I cannot say enough things about her except she is worth her weight in gold. She helps me get ALL my extra stuff done so I can focus on work and my family and not on errands and organizing..... LOVE HER!!!

Randi Joelson - Joelson College Consulting

Vicki has helped me in many aspects of my business. I have found her to be extremely reliable and detail oriented, and she has been forward thinking in all situations. I think anybody would be lucky to have her as their assistant and enjoy working with her!

Rebecca Traverso – CEO, Traverso Consulting Group

Hiring Vicki to manage my Airbnb property while I was on vacation was the best decision ever! Not only did she facilitate the cleaners for same-day turnover, but she also made sure everything was perfect and welcoming for the guest’s arrival as well as keeping me informed throughout so I could relax and enjoy my family time. Vicki was able to handle guest inquiries and help them when needed. I will be going away more often now I have peace of mind that everything is in good hands! Thanks so much Vicki!

Helen Holloway - Realtor

Vicki with North County Concierge did an incredible job organizing all my cabinets in my work studio. When I reached out to her, I was at my wits end, not being able to find things easily, losing things, and feeling defeated by my disorganization. When she was finished, and I came back to my studio and saw what she had achieved I felt such a huge sense of relief. It was so beautifully and thoughtfully executed. Ever since my days at work are so much easier! I can sit down to give someone a facial and can actually find what I need now. No more fiddling around! I am also no longer embarrassed to open my drawers in front of clients when I need to grab a pen. Vicki was thorough and professional, and I would use her company again for any other assistance I might need in the future. Next time I won’t wait so long!

Caroline Menard – Infinite Skin

Recently, I had to admit that I was struggling with time management and stressing out at home when it came to dinnertime. I ended up hiring Vicki, who is tasked with creating a weekly meal plan and putting together the grocery list for me. I wish I had done this sooner! The stress has lifted for me and I love feeling organized and prepared for the week instead of scrambling at the last second to throw something together. If you are running a business and managing home life with kids, there is little time left for the important things, like taking a break and actually spending quality time with the kids. If you're looking for extra hours in your week and passing on those errands to someone else who can get it all taken care of while you are at work, check out North County Concierge and see all the amazing things she can do for you - and your sanity!! Vicki has truly been a lifesaver.

Sandra Drahos – Perfect Partner Solutions

I hired Vicki at North County Concierge to help me with a variety of personal administrative tasks. An unexpected effect of having her shoulder some of the weight has been that I am more motivated to get lots of other tasks done, now that I am not so overwhelmed. I also find that knowing she is working hard on my behalf makes me want to work harder on my behalf. This means I am getting twice as much done, with half as much stress! It's an added bonus that Vicki is communicative, attentive, prompt, thorough, detailed and experienced in all manner of tasks. She's also honest about what is and is not possible, so I never feel like my time is being wasted. This is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. Hire her now and thank me later!

Tiffany Fox

Vicki did a beautiful job creating a new organizational system for my kitchen. Everything is labeled and there is a system in place that I can maintain. I can find and access things easily in my deep pantry and corner cabinets now. She was prompt, professional and friendly. I will be using her again for organizational projects and other services in the future.

Deborah Murphy – Pampered Chef

My husband hired Vicki to organize his office and the results have been nothing short of amazing! Visual chaos has been replaced with top class organization. Vicki took a lifetime of files, documents, clutter, etc. and partnered with him to ensure everything was dealt with. He is now able to work more effectively and efficiently. Thank you Vicki for a transformative experience! Also had the good fortune to attend a party professionally organized by Vicki. Her skills shined there as well!

Lisa Sa - Happy wife!

Vicki can do absolutely anything and everything and do it all beautifully! She has re-organized my pantry along with other areas in my house like my homeschool room and bathroom cabinets, she has helped me with purchases and returns, run errands for me, collected my mail when I'm on vacation ~ the list goes on and on! She is creative, thoughtful, thorough, easy to work with and seems to always know exactly what I need. And I would trust her with anything! Vicki has been such a blessing to my family - we all highly recommend Vicki and her services.

Michelle Mirandon

Vicki was fantastic! 10/10 would recommend her to anyone who wants to get organized the way it's supposed to be. I have a very small bathroom with minimum storage, Vicki managed to find a home for everything, and even labeled the storage so I now know where everything is! She was quick and had a great attitude. A true pleasure to work with. I will be using her again.

Jennifer Gale

I cannot live without Vicki! She is simply amazing. Professional, kind, organized and reliable, Vicki knows how to get stuff done! Her work for me as a virtual assistant has been stellar and I cannot say enough good things about her! She just has that special spark! I would happily recommend her without hesitation.

Lauren Whittaker - CEO Grow gLOw, Rodan + Fields

Vicki is an absolute gem! My chaotic work life leaves me with little time and mental energy to tackle all the home projects that have been piling up...with Vicki at the helm, I feel so much more organized and settled at home and she is truly someone I can trust. She is professional, proactive, and easy to work with and has a can-do attitude that adds ease to any task. She also has a GREAT network of service providers for your home needs, which is a huge bonus. You must hire her; she will change your life! Thanks, Vicki!!!

Amy Conrad - CEO/Founder, Juniper Point

North County Concierge provide one of the greatest services I have seen...from Personal assistant services to home organizing and event coordinating! Working with Vicki was a joy because she ``gets`` it. She knows how to accomplish any and all tasks in a timely manner and is extremely budget savvy and efficient. Above all, she is a great communicator and a joy to work with. if you're looking for someone to get the job done right and make your life easier, then you've found exactly what you're looking for. Thank you Vicki!

Maxi Greenwood - Party Max Event Services

Vicki is professional and completes everything in a timely manner. I know when I need help with ANYTHING, I can count on Vicki to get it done.

Trish Kilby - Scout & Cellar Wine

Vicki is great! She organized my closet and kitchen cabinets, and they are now beautiful! I had put off the task for years and Vicki came in and organized, purchased containers, and got things functional and looking good. I will definitely be using Vicki for my next big project the dreaded garage clean out! Highly recommend North County Concierge!

Darcy Burns

Vicki has been a lifesaver in not only getting my home office organized, but even more importantly, setting up efficient yet easy to follow systems to keep me organized. My efficiency has increased dramatically as a result, and, with her eye towards organization - even how she rearranged things - again in such a logical fashion - the clutter is gone which makes my office enjoyable to work in. . She is delightful to work with and immediately begins to implement her vision for whatever area you need. Vicki also provides a variety of additional services such as administrative/virtual, errand assistance and so much more. I highly recommend Vicki and will be engaging her more for future services.

Robin Coykendall – Health Coach

Vicki was incredibly helpful with organizing my closets! We had recently moved into a larger space, and needed advice on how to get and, more importantly, STAY organized. She shopped for me, sent me pics for approval (I'm VERY picky about my decor, so I appreciated this greatly!! She also has amazing taste and picked out the cutest items! She brought over the items and got to work!! I would HIGHLY recommend her!!

Dr. Anna Melendez – Gold Coast Chiropractic Care

Vicki is THE BEST!! I had her organize my closet and she did an amazing job. I loved the way she rearranged everything, bought organizers, & overall changed the presentation of the room for the better. I'm excited to have her work on other areas of my home-such a peace of mind! I highly recommend Vicki, she is efficient, professional & great to work with.

Dr. Kelsey Corbett – DACM

I just had my fourth session with Vicki of North County Concierge, and I love the results! My garage and home are de-cluttered and everything is finding its place! She is a gem! If you need help with errands, scheduling service people or de-cluttering your place, she is the one you need!! Thank you, Vicki!

Linda Bodiker - Kangen Water

Vicki is fantastic at her job! She is very professional and highly organized. I used her to help me organize my brand-new closet that my husband gifted me for our anniversary. Not only did she come up with great ideas for my clothes, shoes, bags and purses but she also helped me figure out what to save and what to get rid of. And when the job was completed, she took all the donations to a nearby center for drop off. She is a 5-star service and I would absolutely use her again.

Geri Tscherne

Absolutely loved how Vicky took charge of the situation when I showed her my areas of concern! She did a magnificent job organizing my space and labeling and sourcing the bins I needed to make everything look and feel cohesive!

Jeanelle Ditto – Blush Interior Design

Vicki is amazing! I've had a monthly subscription with her for over a year and a half now. Every month she makes my life easier and more organized! She is an absolute expert at organizing the clutter of our home with 4 kids 5 & under and I love that I can trust her with any task in my home even when we aren't there. She is the best!

Hillary Biscay

Vicki is a life saver. Since she has taken over my customer communication, I have seen an increase in orders and an increase in time with my family! She is always quick to respond, intuitive and helpful!

Jill Thomas - Scout & Cellar Wine

Vicki at North County Concierge has been such an amazing help to me and my family! I have been able to hand over my weekly list of to-do's and she always gets the job done in a timely and efficient manner. She is extremely organized and 100% trustworthy, I happily have her come to my home when I am travelling for business and trust her implicitly. She has helped me with everything from organizing contractors, running errands and office organization to taking my dog to the vets and cleaning out my fridge! I would highly recommend to anyone who needs some extra help managing their home life or help with their business.

Linda Cote - AVP Business Development

I was the happy recipient of Vicki's concierge services. Thank you so much for all you did. You were so organized and efficient. Your services allowed me time to relax and be with my daughter instead of running around doing errands all weekend long!

Linda S - Busy working Mom!

Vicki is a godsend! She's a rockstar resource that assists me in admin tasks on a monthly basis. If I didn't have her regularly, those things would likely never get crossed of my to do list. She's my secret weapon in getting so much done...don't tell my boss!

Jen Hibbits - Senior Marketing Manager, MySugr

Vicki is definitely a go-getter! She is organized, efficient, and has such a positive attitude. Any needs you are looking for, whether it be helping get your house in order, or running your errands you just don't have the time to do, she is your go-to person. If you are looking for that extra help, contact North County Concierge!

Rebecca Duncan

Vicki helps me with preparing my business for events and it is beyond helpful. Knowing that she is professional, a great communicator and super-efficient allows me to concentrate on my business. Very pleasant to deal with - I can't recommend her enough.

Jesse Manor – Manor of Living Design

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