Personal Assistant Services

Personal Assistant Services

In-Person and Virtual Options for All Your Personal or Business Needs

Imagine coming home from a busy day and your fridge is stocked, your dry cleaning has been picked up, and the items you needed to return have been packaged and shipped. Sounds heavenly right?

Our goal is to make your life easier. You only have a limited number of hours each day so why spend time doing the shopping or getting your oil changed when we can do those things for you?!

Whether you need assistance with personal tasks like errands and home maintenance or business-related jobs like filing and mailings, we can cross those items off your to-do list and help you balance the demands of your busy life.

Our personal assistant services are completely customizable to suit your individual needs. One session you might need us to pick up and wrap birthday gifts, but the next week you need someone to be at your house when the plumber comes to make a repair.

Once you start working with us and experience the thrill of tasks getting done without taking up your time, it will be easy to hand off more chores. That’s why we recommend our Membership Packages so you have a guaranteed block of time each month when we can tackle your to-do list. Our memberships also include our professional organizing services, so you really can mix and match our services to suit whatever your needs are that month!

I hired Vicki at North County Concierge to help me with a variety of personal administrative tasks. An unexpected effect of having her shoulder some of the weight has been that I am more motivated to get lots of other tasks done, now that I am not so overwhelmed. I also find that knowing she is working hard on my behalf makes me want to work harder on my behalf. This means I am getting twice as much done, with half as much stress! It’s an added bonus that Vicki is communicative, attentive, prompt, thorough, detailed and experienced in all manner of tasks. She’s also honest about what is and is not possible, so I never feel like my time is being wasted. This is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. Hire her now and thank me later!

Tiffany Fox

View examples of personal assistant services we offer below:


Grocery shopping

Personal shopping

Returns and exchanges

Gift shopping

Gift wrapping & baskets

Dry cleaning pick up/drop off

Post Office, Fed Ex, UPS

Prescription collection

Shoe/watch repairs

Mail collection/PO Box pick up

Personal Errands

Drop off/pick up for vehicle inspections

Car wash


Auto Services

Source service providers

Appointments & reservations

Travel research and arrangements

Ticket procurement

On-line research

Meal planning

Holiday & Party arrangements

Wait services for vendors/deliveries

Home Management

Organize workspace/files



Courier services

Office supplies purchase and delivery

Client or employee appreciation gifts

Delivery of office lunch/treats

Event and travel planning

Attend to needs of out of town guests

Business Services

Pick up mail/packages

Check interior/exterior of property

Water plants

Restock refrigerator for return

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