10 Ways to Get Organized and Save Time

10 Ways to Get Organized and Save Time

If you ever wish you could just burn your to-do list, then this post is for you. So often we’re overwhelmed not by the actual things we need to do, but by the feeling that we don’t have the time to get them done. Plus let’s face it – no one wants to spend the entire weekend running errands.

So how can you cross things off your list without sacrificing all your free time? You need to work smarter, not harder. That means finding ways to simplify, automate, or delegate the items on your to-do list until it becomes manageable. Here are 10 ways to save time while still getting things done.

1 | Have a plan for the day.

A to-do list is not a plan. It’s not enough to simply know what things you need to do. If you don’t want to waste time, you need to do tasks efficiently. If you need to pick up the dry-cleaning and groceries, there’s no point going out twice. Save yourself a lot of trouble by organizing your day ahead of time, even if it’s just a rough outline.

2 | Consider having a weekly prep day.

You can eliminate a lot of last minute errands during the week if you plan ahead during the weekend. Instead of a daily rush to figure out what’s for dinner, make a meal plan on Sunday and get all the groceries you need. Get laundry done so no one is scrambling to find clean underwear before school or work.

3 | Use a meal planning or meal delivery service.

Dinner is easily one of the most hectic times of the day. Whether you’re coming home from a busy day at work or picking kids up from after-school sports (or both), there’s a lot of room for chaos. Meal planning ahead of time gives you a plan and eliminates running to the store.

If you need extra help in this area, try a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. You can use these meals to avoid the dinner time decision or for days when time is short.

Our clients love our grocery shopping service, we will visit multiple stores if required and can unpack and put everything away so they are fully stocked and ready to go at dinnertime!

4 | Organize your home.

Is it easy to relax when there’s a pile of unopened mail on the kitchen counter? Does your morning go more smoothly if you have to dig through your closet for the other shoe that you want to wear? Of course not! When your living space is organized, it makes it easier to find what you need and helps you to enjoy your home more.

Start by focusing on the essential areas that you use every day. Your closet, your kitchen, and your entryway or mudroom can all have a big impact when everything is tidy and its place. If getting organized sounds overwhelming, this is the perfect job for North County Concierge.

5 | Set up a subscription service for items you always need.

There’s not going to be a point when you stop needing toilet paper so why not take advantage of a subscription service like Amazon or Shipt to keep those essential items in stock? This is one of those tasks that regularly pops up on your to-do list but can be easily automated.

You can set up subscriptions for vitamins, pet food, toiletries, etc. Yes, it takes time to do the initial set up, but once it’s done, you get to leave those items off your list for the foreseeable future.

6 | Streamline your closet.

Organized Closet

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the average person only wears 20% of the clothes in their closet on a regular basis. By organizing your closet in a way that fits your lifestyle, you can avoid the time you spend sifting through items you rarely use.

We can help you arrange your closet so that it’s neat and functional. Your clothes can be organized by color, by season, or by occasion, but the end result is the same… no more digging around for lost items.

7 | Batch your to-do list.

Remember the first tip about planning your day? Part of the reason for planning ahead is so you can batch your tasks, meaning you group similar tasks together. For example, we regularly run errands for our clients and a huge time-saver is doing all the errands in a similar location at the same time rather than driving all over town.

If you have several birthdays coming up, batching would mean that you buy all the presents then plan a time to wrap everything instead of handling each gift individually. You only have to get out your wrapping supplies once and then all the presents are ready when you need them.

8 | Create routines.

Chances are good that you have a lot on your plate. One of the reasons that tasks often fall through the cracks is because we have so much on our minds that we simply forget. Routines eliminate the stress of forgetting something important because you have a set time planned for that activity.

For example, you don’t have to worry about unpaid bills if you have a set time each month that you pay all your bills. If the kids empty their lunch boxes and hang up their backpacks as part of their after-school routine, you don’t have to hunt for those things during the morning rush.

9 | Plan for the expected.

There are certain things in life that feel like they sneak up on us but if we’re being honest, they are completely expected. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays all fall into this category. So why not set yourself up for success so you’re not caught off guard?

Buy a bunch of birthday cards so you always have one on hand when you need it. Pick up multiple copies of your favorite cookbook to give as hostess gifts during the holidays. Set a phone reminder for one week before important birthdays so you have time to get a gift and ship it without paying extra. All these are easy ways to remove last-minute tasks from your busy schedule.

10 | Hire help (and don’t feel bad about it).

Our final tip is one that many people overlook because they feel pressured to handle everything by themselves. You can’t add hours to your day, but you can open up time for the things you really want to do when you delegate certain tasks. If you hate ironing, drop your clothes off to get them pressed. If you feel like you spend half the weekend cleaning the house, hire a cleaning service.

At North County Concierge, we can help you with organization projects, as well as run errands, shop for gifts (and do the wrapping), deal with home and car maintenance appointments, and all sorts of other items on your to-do list. You don’t have to do it all!

If you use even a couple of these tips, you’re guaranteed to save time for doing the things you really want to be doing. Contact us to find out how we can help!